Bert Goolsby, Author

Although this collection of devotionals focuses principally on the legal profession, much of it will appeal to those whom lawyers and judges serve—that is, clients and litigants.


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“I didn't know that I was hungry for a daily devotion until I read 90 Devotions for lawyers & Judges and Those They Serve.” Ruth W. Cupp, attorney and author of Portia Steps Up to the Bar: The First Women Lawyers of South Carolina and Attorneys from Charles Town to Charleston.

Wise, enlightening, poignant, funny, and appealing.  Bert Goolsby has crafted a masterful, beautifully balanced blend of devotionals exploring the scales of justice—man’s and God’s. Every page contains something meaningful and memorable; I almost ran out of highlighter.”  Susan F. Craft, Author of The Chamomile, an Inspirational Revolutionary War, Romantic, Suspense Novel and Winner of the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance Coveted Okra Pick. 

"I find it most interesting that one who has spent his life in the legal profession has chosen to offer a book of devotional thoughts based on the teachings of the Great Lawgiver . . . .While this devotional book is specifically designed for 'lawyers and judges,' I discover it also is an inspiring read for any Christian seeking challenging thoughts in times of meditation."  Elaine Herrin Onley, former missionary and author of When We Say Never and Crying on Sunday.

“Now I have a daily devotional which is at once practical and spiritual, illustrating that a life of faith can stand in harmony with a lifetime in the law. Bert Goolsby has blessed his colleagues with these literary mementos of his Christian faith. I salute him for so artfully sharing the message we all need to hear.” Wilmot B. Irvin, attorney and author of Merriman's Second Chance.

“Bert Goolsby has always been an extraordinarily talented storyteller, describing characters and situations uniquely, but in a way that illustrates so beautifully the nuances of truth about being human. In this outstanding devotional book, he takes on the great challenge of relating the principles of the Bible to the legal profession. Bert writes with clarity about the turmoil in life. But, he also expresses with confidence, the small, still inner voice of assurance that faith can provide to anchor a life where challenges must be met and faced. In addition, to persons not in the legal profession, Bert gives a view of what the lawyers can be and the difficulties they face in following the narrow path.” Paula Gail Benson, Senior Staff Counsel to the South Carolina Senate Judiciary Committee and co-author with Deborah D. Hottel, A Guide to South Carolina Legal Research and Citation.

“Bert Goolsby is a man who has spent his life in service to the law, and is a great lover of the Gospel as well.  It is a winsome and powerful combination!  Bert is a seasoned member of the legal profession, a master story teller, a life long teacher of the Bible, and one who knows that justice and love are ultimately gifts given to us by one and the same God.  I commend these devotionals to you with every confidence that they will bless you, enlighten you, and often bring a smile to your face.” Dr. Todd B. Jones, Senior Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Nashville, Tennessee.

“In a world where moral ambiguity reigns and character is always under attack, it is nice to know that there are resources where a Christian can go to be “grounded” in their faith through daily bible study and meditation. . . . Written with compelling and engaging language, these devotionals touch the heart as well as bring the reader to a closer understanding of their faith. They are the result of a one man’s thoughts along the way of a life-time journey with Jesus Christ and are not to be missed by anyone seeking a deeper experience of faith.” Rev. George T. Head, Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina.


Andrew Beauchamp’s decision to prosecute a black tenant farmer for a sexual assault on a white teacher has unexpected consequences.  $14.95, includes shipping.

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Skeets' life becomes complicated in more ways than one and he soon learns a painful lesson about love and loss.  

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Candle Reid's life is falling apart. He's a lawyer whose competence is compromised by alcoholism. His wife kicks him out, and then his law partner dies. Can things get any worse? Dewey Coltraine's life is just beginning, or so he thinks. He has just married the prettiest girl in town, and he has a new job. But when he's arrested for killing one of the community's most influential men, will Candle Reid be able to save him?

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Pratt harbors no doubt whatever regarding Siggy’s guilt.

And what does Siggy’s own mama say about her son's claim of innocence? “Iffen his lips are a’movin’, he’s a’lyin’." But is Siggy really lying?

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